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About Us

We Are dedicated

K&T Sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company based in Wroclaw, Poland.

Since 2014, striving to be a sustainable trusted partner in the security and access solutions industry. K&T is your source to supply electrified door hardware, mechanical door hardware, automatic door operators and complimentary building materials. Our experienced team will be glad to serve your valuable requests and available for your support.

Our Vision

To become a sustainable trusted brand providing solutions for today's increased need for security as well as having safety requirements secured.

Our Mission

Following the latest technologies and innovations to provide better solutions meeting new market requirements. To provide technical solutions taking the architectural requirements into consideration to keep the aesthetical designs at its best. Offering value engineering, scheduling and estimation to meet the required budgets and specifications. Commitment to comply with the standards, specifications and codes required by our valued clients to satisfy their needs. Ensuring cross functional coordination to provide high-end solutions. Our offerings and products provided by worldwide trusted well-known brands.

Our Core values:

Reliability. Experienced and specialized team. Ensures the requirements of security, fire safety and functionality are met Ensures the requirements of legislation and regulation are met Contributes to the buildings overall design Enhances the quality of environment for the end users Potentially reduces the whole life maintenance costs for the building through correct specification

What does our service include?

Our service includes meeting with architects, designers and clients, for projects based in our area of coverage we also have the facility to meet on site or to go through the floor plans door by door to produce an ironmongery schedule to quote later. We also have the facility to draw up and design sophisticated master key suites, starting from a few cylinders under the same key all the way up to great grand master key suites with separate sub suites for different floors, areas or even buildings.

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